Digital Marketing & SEO

Are you planning to boost organic website traffic, make your business present in digital world, dominate other competitors on social media platforms, Don’t worry we at COD Trees comes up with ‘innovative’ ideas to execute your goal with proper strategic action. We will strike out your entire digital marketing & SEO check list by breaking through every portions to find the proper solutions to you and not such pretending everything is fine. We care about the results. Our scalable marketing strategy at every step of your business journey will always help you to grow more day by day and you may land on every customer’s good-book. Our mantras to drive revenue growth is “Understand, Plan and Convert”. Our X-factors are creativity, dedication and sustainability. We provide following services-

Search Engine Optimization

Any powerful website must holds a successful Search Engine Optimized content. SEO strategy is basically used as a process of organizing a website’s content and to improve the result of appearing in SERP page. It is essential process to follow in order to maximize the organic traffics from search engines. We do deep research as per the requirement of yours and do the needful like from Keyword research to proper meta-tag and description which google crawlers find it relevant to potential customers or searchers. We at COD Trees offer ON-page SEO including publishing high-quality content, URL optimization, optimizing of page titles, meta descriptions, images and other multimedia elements, headings and content formatting, internal links, external links, mobile-friendliness and OFF-page SEO including back-linking, promotional marketing, guest Posting, event creation,podcasts, user reviews etc.

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Social Media Optimization

Social Media is a powerful tool. It is used by more than half of 7 billion population throughout the world. We at COD Trees look out for proper content, connect with the context and place where it suits. We offer services at various popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc. and our team of professionals know how to grab the audience by using proper hashtag, plan & execute with exact analysis and strategic engagement to the correct audience. We cover marketing also in this category of optimization which includes from designing of post/banner/content to place them on exactly where you would prefer to be. We also care about your budget, we charge what you can afford not unnecessarily to drain you out.

Business Platform Listing

In today’s digital world sufficient lead generation is what any enterprise/business needs to be successful in the industry. We offer listing at most of popular platforms like, GMB (Google my Business), Sulekha, Glassdoor, Amazon, Flipkart and many others. With this listing you can definitely able to access the thousands of your potential customer and make your products/services offered to them.